Sunday, October 9, 2011

Well hello there again. It's been three months now, since I started this blog and I still suck at blogging. But hey! I'm here to fix my overall suckiness and up it to the level of more or less consistent mediocrity and then just keep on working on it from there.
So as I was pondering over what I should write about, I had tons of ideas. I've thought about writing a love letter to Ricardo Tisci, an essay on what freudianism has to do with art and fashion, posting a picture of me in arguably pretty clothes and stuff like that. But I realized, I just don't feel satisfied with any of it. I generally don't feel any satisfaction with anything in my life right now. Which, I guess, is normal: I'm only sixteen years old...
So back to what this post is supposed to be about. *drum roll* Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinspiration! It's quite amusing that what I'm momentarily feeling for this fall is the topic of the first post, considering the name of my blog and all. Anyways, let's get to business now!

So the overall feel of what really makes me aesthetically ecstatic at the moment is all ghostly, gloomy, dark, yet at the same time romantic and maaaagiiiical. Basically, what a dark forest fairy would wear. Etherial is probably the accurate word for that.





These photographs are all by Paolo Roversi, a man whose work I really admire. I LOVE the hazyness and moodyness of his work and that it's all sort of like a fairytale, which I always come back to in terms of inspiration. And then I've been into the whole goth romantica aesthetic lately, and these photos definitley fit my mood at the moment.

Moving on!

So two words: Wednesday Addams. Man, that grim little child — she's just so geniously dead-pan in all her existance and very eloquent for a six year old. I wish I was that way (okay, so now what have I come to if I want to be like a six year old?). And I also find it awesome that her favourite toy is a Marie Antoinette doll AND that she has a spider named Homer AND that she does ballet. It's all just so perfect. And her style, it's just so sophisticatidly goth, the absolute opposite of those awkward goth phases people go through (not that they're a bad thing, there is something very poetic about them)
Back to Wednesday. I've fallen for those crisp collars and dark little dresses, and the knee-high socks. and the mary-janes. and the raven-black braids. And did I mention she had a Marie Antoinette doll?


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Wednesday Addams Pictures, Images and Photos

And finally, just some random photos, that match this whole post and have a victorian-ish feel to them:

Irving Penn, 1949


some victorian erotica

a random girl with a weird facial expression which kind of works for this picture

Photograph of a young woman by Fitz W. Guerin, 1902.

I'm sorry, my non-existant readers (not yet at least), for the time it takes me to think of something, but I'm working on it. I hope it'll take faster this time.