Monday, June 13, 2011

a renewed beginning

Well hello there,

It is almost two o'clock here in Moscow, Russia. So, I lay there in bed, trying to fall asleep, reflecting on all the numerous projects that I have started and never brought to a logical end. The thing is, I view myself as a struggling artist (aren't we all?), which sounds pretty amusing, funny, whatever coming from a typical teenage girl with a desposition to art and other creative shizzzz (oh yeah, very classy). SO, as a struggling artist I typically struggle with my artistic ventures and creative flow, but now, for some reason everything has started falling in to place, everything that in one way or another has to do with art. I've failed so many times at this blogging thing and I'm afraid it might happen again, but hey, why not give it another try? everything else seems to be going well...

And so I sit here, writing all this. I don't want to share my full biography here, or list all the qualities I might or might not posess, since this isn't really about me; it's about the blog. There is no set concept here, as much as I'd love there to be one, but I definitely plan on writing mostly about fashion, my favourite artform. Anything that has to do with it, be it a review for a fashion show, shots of myself wearing the outfits I wear, photography I like or my musings on the different aspects of fashion. So basically, what this is is a traditionally-formatted fashion/style blog (Isn't it astounding how in a matter of a couple of years new tradition is created?). I will most likely include my personal artwork here and I might write about things of genres other than fashion that left an impression on me. But that's pretty much it, I'll try to stay as on topic as possible, even though the frames I have determined for myself are pretty broad.

Anyways, now that I got this a little, teeny-tiny bit off my mind I can go off to sleep.

-Staci (yes, with an "i", that is something I decided upon in 6th grade and don't plan on changing)